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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Section.  Scroll downward to find answers to common concerns regarding this website.


Q:  Why become a Member?

A:  By becoming a Member of this website, a Member Account will be automatically generated for you.  You may personalize it and also have access to member features.  Being a member also grants you access to subscription plans and purchase of physical products.

Other member features are as follows:

- My Account:  This section holds your personal information such as Display Name and Profile Visability.

Note:  Currently, it is not possible for you to edit your password from the Member Profile – you can edit your password externally via the login form.  Just click “Forgot Password”.

- My Addresses:  Complete this section as this information is needed to ship physical product to you when ordered through the store section.

- My Subscriptions:  View and Manage your purchased Subscriptions.

- My Orders:  Selecting this menu item will display the status of any product you have purchased with a status of fulfillment.  Products may be physical items for sale, shipping details, and/or backorders.

- Stored Payment Profile:  (Optional) Should you make a purchase using the site’s check-out process, your account will automatically save your method of payment here.  You will see all pending and fulfilled orders in the My Orders or My Subscriptions sections.  You may use the Stored Payment Profile section to save, update or remove your payment information at any time.

Q:  As a Member, is the transfer of my personal and financial information safe?

A:  Yes!  The transfer of your personal information and financial data from your computer to this website, is secured.  The “https:” within the address bar to the left of the domain name states you are using a secured connection.  This is shown as a padlock graphic to the left of the scheme https: on the address bar as well.  The closed padlock graphic also shows that the connection is secured.  The “s” letter, at the end of the scheme “https:” stands for “secured”.  Websites without the “s” do not have a secured connection and also show an open padlock graphic therefore, any transfer of critical information is likely to be seen by those attempting to steal your data.  Your connection to this website is a secured connection and therefore, all transfer of critical data (such as passwords, credit card numbers or personal information) is encrypted.  Data encryption makes it very difficult for unauthorized individuals to view information traveling between your computer and this website.  This website uses a 128 bit encryption method.

Q:  Do I need to become a Member in order to Subscribe or purchase physical products?

A:  No, you do not need to register or become a Member first but you will indirectly become a Member as an account will be created once you enter your financial information for payment and shipping should you purchase physical or virtual products.  Virtual products, such as subscriptions, do not require address information for shipping (as in the My Addresses Section of the Member’s Account) as they will either be emailed to you or automatically give you access to Member’s only subscription pages.  It is recommended you become a Member first to enter critical information to allow for smoother transactions when making a purchase and shipping.

Q:  How do I become a Member?

A:  It’s easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…!

1.)  Click the Log In button graphic at the upper right of the website window.  A new window will appear.

2.)  Click Sign Up under the Log In Title of the Log In window.

3.)  Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Enter a Password you would like to use.

4.)  Open another window in your browser and access your email account for the email address you entered and click on the email sent to you.  You will need to verify the address to complete the sign up routine.

5.) Go back to the  original window of the website and click the Log In button graphic and enter the information you used to sign up:  email address and password.   You should see the Log In graphic show your name --- that’s it! 

You’re signed up and are now a Member! 

Explore the drop-down menu items by clicking your name and enter any information you wish including adding an avatar.  You may now purchase subscriptions and physical products in the store.

Q:  Why Subscribe?

A:  Subscribing to a playlist, performance or collection of lesson videos gives you hours of entertainment for a modest cost.  The benefit of this includes accessing your subscription from any device with an internet connection that will display this website and it's features.  You may listen to playlists of music works or watch entertaining and educational videos with friends, students or business colleges.  Depending on your subscription level or "plan", will give you access to certain pages within that plan.

Q: How do I Subscribe?

A:  Subscribing to a particular series of playlists or videos is simple.  From the menu bar, click on Radio Robert for the music playlists.  Click on Video Robert for the video playlists.

1.)  Click on subscribe and a new window will pop up.

2.)  Select a subscription plan by clicking on it.  Subscriptions have different price points depending on the type of page access you would like.

3.)  Once you have selected the subscription plan you want, a payment window will display.  Fill out the payment information and Voila – Enjoy!  You may now access the pages pertaining to the subscription plan you purchased.  You may upgrade your subscription plan to obtain more access.

You may cancel a subscription plan anytime using the “my subscriptions” page in the members menu under your log in name at the upper right of the header of this website.

Q:  I am a Member and have subscribed to one of the Plans but cannot access the pages I paid for.  What should I do?

A:  This is a resolvable, small quirk of this website – not all users encounter this.  We have found by simply clicking “reload” (the “arrow in a circle formation” graphic to the left of the address bar in Firefox), resets the page and access is therefore established and the page operates normally.  We have also found that different browsers and browser settings sometimes affect this issue.  A dynamic, or rotating internet protocol (IP) may also cause an issue more-so than a static IP – most consumer or home based internet services provide a dynamic IP configuration therefore, more consumers may experience this issue - Again, not all users encounter this.

Q:  I want to give a donation or tip using the website Tip Jar.  Do I need to become a Member first for that?

A:  No, Tips and website donations are considered a separate task transaction and no financial data is stored - only a record of a transaction with no details is noted therefore, no Member account will be automatically created.  The only record of any transaction using the Tip Jar would be an emailed “thank you” from the website bot or Robert himself and through your financial institution as a notification.

Q:  I am at one of Robert's performances and would like to buy a product from him directly using my credit or debit card.  Can I pay for it using the Tip Jar section of the website?

A:  Yes!  In-person purchases are considered a separate task transaction and no financial data is stored - only a record of a transaction with no details is noted therefore, no Member account will be automatically created.  The only record of any transaction using the Tip Jar would be an emailed “thank you” from the website bot or Robert himself and through your financial institution as a notification.

Q:  What Methods of On-Line payments do you accept?

A:  This website accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Debit cards displaying the Visa / MasterCard logo, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Electron, Maestro, China Union Pay, JCB, Diners Club, and CartesBancaires.

Q:  I love the playlists and pictures!  – How do I download them?

A:  We appreciate that you enjoy the material on this website unfortunately, most of it is not meant to be downloaded.  You may connect to this website, 24 hours / 7 days a week, to access your member account for the purchased subscription plan of media available.  There are only very few whole playlists, songs, videos and image or image collections allowed for free authorized download.  You will see more of this as this website is continuously updated.

Q:  I would like to hire Robert to play for an event.  How do I contact him?

A:  Send Robert an email regarding personal appearances, music performances, business or otherwise, in the Contact section on the website header menu.

Q:  I would like to use Robert’s music or an image for my website or business.  May I do that?

A:  Well… No.  You will need Robert’s permission to use ANY material from this website.  That is easy to do – just send him an email with your request.  He will either grant you permission at no cost with an email response stating this OR license it to you for a cost depending on what your intentions are with his COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL posted on this website.  Freely using any music, videos, images or verbiage from this website IS NOT ALLOWED or GRANTED.  Also, subscribing for content DOES NOT automatically grant you authorization to re-broadcast any media from this website though secondary connections or distribution such as streaming, video content, physical or virtual media and the like, or as background music for performance.  Licensing may be obtained for a flat or monthly rate.  Email Robert through the Contact section on the header menu bar with your request for use.  

NOTE / CAVEAT :  The description of certain feature on this F.A.Q. and this website, are in a constant state of flux as additional materials, information, and features are always being updated.  There are certain features and products described that may or may not yet exist.  The availability of physical products and subscriptions, at this moment, are completely at your discretion to purchase.


 All information on this F.A.Q. is Copyright Robert K. Fields.  Thank you for reading.

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